Share an Idea.

The most terrifying thing about conveying an idea, for some, is in the initial manifestation of it. We know that, for an idea to flourish collaboratively, it must be received, and inspiring. The video I chose here is a 2018 pitch video for Happy Trails, that I directed and edited. Big shout to DP, Myles Ross, and the team at Top Shelf Media Group for the opportunity to help bring their vision to life.

Be Vulnerable.

Over the years, I've learned that the more honest and exposed you allow your creativity to be, the more relatable it is. In my early 20s, I was in a toxic relationship and struggled with depression so badly that I'd often considered suicide. I even went as far as beginning to write a note for my best friend to find.


Luckily for me, that same best friend showed up to my door step without warning and kept me from making a grave mistake. I chose this 2017 film, Jaded, as I'd written it based on that event, and how I'd originally intended that day to play out.

Editing & Visual Effects.

Practical and VFX play such a strong role in storytelling. At an early age, I fell in love with BTS footage packed into DVDs that showcased the extreme talent behind scene editing. They'd show no visible proof of sorcery at all. Yet here we all were, seeing a wall, fire hydrant, or entire city that never even existed in the original footage. I've chosen 3 pieces of work here to showcase my goal to enhance the storytelling experience.

Object Removal
Masking | Dynamic Transitions
Editing | VFX
Pacing Is Everything.

Just like the pacing of a good film, I value your interest, and time. We'll cut it here. Thank you for allowing me to share some of my favorite pieces of work. If you'd like to hang out for awhile, feel free to check out my entire Film Gallery below.

Keep Filming,

Antjuan DeCarlos


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