White Belt:

  • Standing Basics: Standing Delivery of Punch (es) & Blocks (low, high, outside, inside, and middle.) Kicks (front, side, round, and back)

  • Kata Required: Kihon Kata Ichi, Ni

  • Kata Not Required: Kihon Kata San/Yon/Go

  • Moving Basics: Moving Forward & Backwards w/Low Block/High Block/ Lunge Punch in Long Stance.

  • Sub Requirements: Speaking Japanese terminologies- Counting/Greetings (1-10, hello & goodbye), Opening/Closing Ceremonies.


Orange Belt:

  • Moving Basics: Moving Forward & Backwards w/ Reverse Punch/Combo’s of blocks & reverse Punch in Horse Stance, Cat stance.

  • Kata Required: Chin-no Kata, Heian Shodan (hammer fist)

  • Kata Not Required: Ten-no Kata

  • Sub Requirements: Speaking Japanese terminologies- Blocks (Uke), Punches (Tsuki), Kicks (Geri), Stances (Dachi), and Movements. Leading warmups or leading opening/closing ceremony.


Yellow Belt:

  • Moving Basics: Moving with Strikes (Kizami), Back Stance, Cat stance using Mawate.

  • Kata Required: Heian Ni-dan, San-dan

  • Sub Requirements: Speaking Japanese terminologies for kata, and moving basics.


Blue Belt:

  • Kata Required: Heian Yon-dan, Go-dan

  • Sub Requirements: Tournament Edict- Rules, strategies, kata and kumite competitive spirit.

  • Not Required: Competing in tournaments outside of the dojo.


Red Belt:

  • Kata Required: Rohai, Bassai-dai

  • Sub Kata: Matsukazi, Empi.

  • Sub Requirement: Basic Bunkai Drills using Kihon Kata, and body conditioning partner drills.