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About Antjuan DeCarlos Films

Most journeys begin where there is a question left unanswered for too long. Is it possible to tell an affective story using more than words alone? That question was answered over 8 years ago, when i found film.


I'm a self taught Video Producer, and Editor, with a degree in Graphic Technologies. I've been writing stories for nearly twice that amount. I've had published poems, and articles, make their way into hardback well before it was even cool to read. That path has lead me to produce Web Series', Short Films, and Commercial Film for broadcast clientele. I'm a story teller. In the purest sense. I'm still learning, of course.

Photography (in) Theory.

Ugh.. I love the technical stuff. The science in everything. Even beauty (aka the "Golden Ratio"). Most film is shot at 24fps, and ranges anywhere from 60 to 140 minutes in feature length. If there are 24 frames in a second of footage, that means you have as much as 201,600 frames to convey a story. An Idea. A perspective. Now imagine photography, where you only really have 1 frame to convey that same message.

In many ways, the beauty of telling a story, in a single frame, seduces the possibility of even doing so... successfully. Gracefully. Purposefully. Or, even accidentally. To me, that's truly the most lovely realization.



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