Return Policy.

24 Hours is the general idea. Let's get specific.

  • The Down Payment made on all projects is NON-REFUNDABLE. This exception is made on a case by case basis, and is at the discretion of the Service Provider.

  • Once a client has paid IN FULL, they will have 24 hours from completion of payment to request a partial refund (excluding Down Payment fees).

  • No refund is available after completion of service.

Why the rules?

There are often Pre-Production costs that are not so easily refundable. This may include location costs that have already been used. Paid Production staff that have already fulfilled their contractual obligations to a project. Licenses and Insurances needed to work in certain environments. The cost of food, board, and travel for staff members. Rental equipment that has already been returned successfully. The list goes on. Reasons like these are why we must monitor any Refund Requests very carefully.