Marketing & Educational Tools
YouTube Filming Guide
Use this guide to learn about the basic technical steps to creating your first YouTube Video. Some camera choices may provide varying results. This guide is for educational purposes only. 
7-Day Analytics Tracker
The easiest way to get to know your audience's habits is with analytics, or trends data. This data helps to make educated guesses on content premieres. 
Production Budget
One of the most difficult things about pre-production is determining a fair wage for each team member This Production Budget Template should help. Just plug in the days!
Treatment Template
Use this simple template to better plan and organize your upcoming projects. 
VFX Assets
Letterbox Add-On

Here's a handy Letterbox image that you can drop into any NLE software. It's an over-sized png image, so it is completely scale-able to fit any project.

png | 5300p x 3000p | 1 file

Camcorder Overlay Add-On

Here's a simple Camcorder Viewfinder asset to add to any personal or professional video project. Includes actual blinking red record button. All you have to do is key out the background inside your NLE software.

mp4 | 1920p x 1080p | 23.976 fps | 3 Files

The 8 Grade
This is what we use to grade the show! It's a cool subtle teal look that still respects the skin tones of subject in frame. Give it a go for yourself! Make sure to match your untreated footage to the Base Image before applying a LUT for best results.
1 Look | 4 Files
Time Pack
 Reel Stories
Make your project look like one of the most popular film shorts from the Reel Stories series. This look is moody, low key, and focuses on the yellows and emerald blues in the scene. This pack also includes an HDR Modifier to help you push your dynamic range a little further. Make sure to match your untreated footage to the Base Image before applying a LUT for best results.
3 Looks | 10 Files
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